Friday, January 22, 2010

Day 37 and 38 - 69 days till sakura con

Day 27 :
I got most of Lena done yay !!!! and then I sewed up the muslin for Papillions skirt and Tiara's dress woot I'm on a hot streak :D I'm feeling pretty confidentish not fully but I feel like I'm accomplishing more when I'm sewing, our actually putting the costume together. ummm I can't think of what else I did >.> other then put my desk together and put my diploma in a frame I have an office in my room now. At least I call it my office ^_^

Day 28:
I acquired some fabric paint to day for painting the flowers on the the kimono, and started painting one of the sleeve's it's been a while since I was able to paint anything. I miss the strokes of the paint brush on a surface and paint and paint brushes in hair and paint on hands I just really like painting. alas I won't have time to paint the entire kimono so that's where Aurora comes in she is our resident main artist when it comes to drawing were all artists of different calibers and mediums.

I'm pretty tired right now cant focus on this to well but I did'nt want to get to behind on posting so thats what I could think of for today.

Pink Bunnie - hitting the zzzz train

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