Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Day 36 -71 days till sakura con

adding what I've done to this list doesn't feel like I've done a hole lot T.T and with only 71 days left I'm super scared. I have DnD tomorrow after noon but I'm going to try and power through as much as I can in the morning. I don't feel so good after eating kfc chicken :( apparently my body's making the change in my eating habits already I do drink a lot of water now and only ocashionaly have pop and even then its not as appetizing to me. YAY !!!!

Cosplays For Sakura Con 2010
Shamanic Princess :icontsuzukikun: Tsuzukikun : Tiara 15% done Dress pattern done Need -Shoe's for shoe pattern -Fabric, Zipper -Wig -Contacts -Cut and sew - Pink bows for hair
:iconpink-bunnie: PinkBunnie: Lena 30% done Have Fabric for coat and dress, two packs of skullpy for flute
Coat and dress are cut out
Need -Contacts -Wig -Shoes -Head Band -3d circle things covered in fabric - sew -make flute :icondekhal: PD: Graham

Need -Pattern for tunic -Fabric -plaster to make mask -to make mask and arm claws -Shoes for feet claws
-Cut and sew -Create strips for bandage wrapping Fluffly: Leon 15% done
Pattern Done
Need: -Fabric and bias tape for jacket -White Pants -Shoes -Wig -Cut and sew
:iconhuxxxley: Paradox: Kagetsu 15% done
Pattern Done
Need: -fabric -shoes -wig -Cut and sew


:icontsuzukikun: Tsuzukikun : Himawari Kunogi 25% done
School Uniform pattern Done Need: -fabric -shoes -Wig -Cut and Sew -buttons
:iconpink-bunnie: PinkBunnie: yuko Ichihara
started sewing, made cut of flower need fabric paint
Have kimono pattern, and pattern cut out, red fabric cut out Need -bow pattern -paint flower design -necklace pattern -purple bodice
:icondekhal: PD: Black Makona Need -Pattern -hooping on order -fabric -cut and sew -clown shoes for to make feet -large 3D half circle for jewel -some way to see out of makona
Fluffly: Kimihiro Watanuki 20% done School Uniform pattern Done Need -fabric -cut and sew -buttons -dress pants -shoes? -wig?
:iconhuxxxley: Paradox: Shizuka Donmeki 20% done School Uniform pattern Done -fabric -cut and sew -buttons -dress pants -shoes? -wig?
Tekken 6
:icontsuzukikun: Tsuzukikun : Asuka 15% done
Have most fabric Need: -pattern -gloves -shoes -cut sew - :iconpink-bunnie: PinkBunnie: Lili 25% done Jacket pattern done, have fabric minus checkered print, have lace and ribbion, skirt pattern finished Need: -checkered print fabric, and red ribbing fabric -shoes -gloves -wig -cut and sew :icondekhal: PD: Miguel Caballero Rojo Need -pants -shoes -shirt -pattern and fabric for (fake) fur coat >.> maybe value village will have a coat -cut and sew
Fluffly: Lars Need -pants -shirt -lots of fabirc paint -gloves -shoes -to outline and paint design -hair glue :P
:iconhuxxxley: Paradox: Jin Need -Pants -shirt -shoes -hair glue -to find a leather coat at value village and replace the lining with red lining Sailor Moon

:icontsuzukikun: Tsuzukikun : Sailor Heavy Metal Papillion 25% done
Have fabric for everything but wigs, pattern for skirt done started working on muslin for skirt Need -fabric and wire for wings -wig -beads for head piece -bra to cover with fabric -shoes to cover (need the fabric for that >.>) or smexky boots -paint bra and skirt -paint wings -cut and sew
:iconpink-bunnie: PinkBunnie: Guardian Cosmos 10% done have most fabric Need -Tones of beads -Wig -Contacts? -Shoes and to attach cute things to toe of shoes -hooping on order -Pattern will be made once I have hooping -Cut and sew -Bead head piece and bead skirt -Baithing suite body suet for under skirt

Commissions: :iconemerarudo-chan: 1 large and 2small Timcanpy Plushes for Emerarudo-chan 10 % done
Have pattern for Timcanpy's body just need to alter it for wings tail and leggs -searching for fabric -cut sew paint on cross The Grave of Maria need Payment measurements fabric pattern cut sew

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