Monday, January 18, 2010

Day 34 - 73 days till sakura con T.T

So how did you love my ridiculous list? a bunch of scribbles is what I feel, once I get some more time to work on costumes it should feel a lot better I hope to start sewing tomorrow and that always make me feel ten times better ^_^. It also means the house is going to turn into hurricane cosplay, fabric and props every where.

I haven't been very chatty lately just to tired trying to work on things and reserve some energy I guess, I get that way some times. Its a lot of work I need to focus I guess, blah work is drama stupid and I kinda want out of there blah blah o well

Aurora cut out the red part of my kimono for Yuko and I finished the pattern for Lili's skirt, now I just need some tracing paper cause I ran out >.> T.T and I can't makes patterns with out it. But all and all I'm still making lots of progress and thats what counts.

Meeting with
Emerarudo-chan on Tuesday next week for measurements and I can get her costume under way. I'm thinking simple esk pattern one pieces for the outter ill use her waist measurement(or where the skirt is sitting) divided that into 6 our 8 then decided how wide the bottom will be divided that and viola make some gathers in the middle of the skirt. Ill make an under skirt in white where the hoops will be attached.

For her plushes I finally found a ball pattern so once i find the fabric I can get those done up and that will be under way :).

Hoping to get all the fabric for xxxholic and buttons because it will be easiest to finish their costumes first then Ill tackle shamanic princess. I'm very worried about getting Grahams armor done. I don't have a lot of help in that department other then Aurora and she's busy with painting and her own art work, and I want to do as much painting as I can since i don't get to do it often. I'm an artist to but people like to forget that :( I miss doing my art but sewing and pattern making has kinda taken over everything sadly. arg....

I want more time for everything T.T

Next is Sailor Moon theres no way I'm missing my chance to be Guardian Cosmos and I wants my shiny staff >.< " Tekken will be worried about last since the boys outfits should be easy to through together Once the fabric is purchased we shouldn't have to much trouble, but thats half the battle. Still need to order the last of the wigs. I want to try and get a new Asuka wig for my gothic lolita costumes so I can take some shots with Al if we get a chance. Pink Bunnie - on over load

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