Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Day 14 - Our Christmas

So we have our Christmas with friends on New years because you don't always get a chance to get everyone together to exchange gifts and its fun and we bring in the new year with some of the best people in my life.

So I can not update telling you want I'm working on because it will rune what presents are because I'm sewing some of my presents :D cause I'm awesome like that!!!! I will tell you all about them when I can. I don't think you shall her from me till the new year because well I have a lot to get ready with the party and making presents.

Pink Bunnie - Is not ready for a new year but nothing I can do about it

Monday, December 28, 2009

Day 13 - just not here

I'm just mentally and physically exhausted right now, its been a roller coaster day inside my brain. I Will post a normal post tomorrow,

One costume thing I can say is I am really looking forward to this costume/ :)

Pink Bunnie - Getting some well needed rest

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Day 12 - Cosmode

Well I was on the island I got a copy of Cosmode issue 23, it has some entrusting tutorials on amour and a few other accessories tutorials. I'm just trying to decipher how to do them through the pictures, when I'm sewing from a pattern I don't use the written instructions in less its really difficult. I usually go by the pictures :) I learn from observation :D

We also played more tekken 6 trying to unlock more accessories to see if I can make a cool fun costume from that >.> I know I should probably stick with one of the pre-maids but it would be fun to just through something together.

Other then that its still Holiday season so there hasn't been any major progress with costumes because we celebrate our Christmas with our friends on new years eve exchange of gifts and what not. I still have to finish making some of them and pick up other ones >.> :D

Pink Bunnie - needs to get the next book in her series

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Day 11- Tekken Research

After my nice small Christmas with my Mommy I journeyed home to play my new Tekken 6 game which I like to call research :D

Technically speaking it is research, I don't like c
osplaying any character I don't like, and no one should be made to cosplay someone they don't like. It makes for an unhappy cosplayer and in less the character is moody pissy and moody with the other characters it just dosent work out >.>

So yes when I got home I popped in Tekken 6 and started playing story mode as Lili the character I will be cosplaying ( decision purely on appearance ) and after playing the game on my screen which I'm unable to read subtitles so I don't really know much about whats going on any who, I like the character for her fighting style, but I can't really relate to her since she is a daddys girl and is even more of a princess mentality.

Other then that her character design is nice, it was between her and Asuka for me and since they are rivals me and Cake ended up deciding it be best if I did Lili and she was Asuka ( she docent do blond well in her words). I don't mind being Lili I've been working on her poses in my mind they are a lot of good ones and her fighting style is cool. I just am not found of the alternate costumes and I don't want to cosplay her first player costume because EVERY ONE AND THEIR DOG has cosplayed that costume (puke)

Well watching the arena conclusion for Lili her and Asuka run into each other in more then a manner of speaking, in school uniforms. What I'm thinking is, is it wrong to go with one of her made up costumes ( you can change up costumes with items you pick up) ou
r do her school uniform? just so I can be different ? our will I get annoyed cause people wont recognize our understand ? this is my dilemma. I don't really have the time to be so unsure of the costumes :(

I think I am set on doing Yukos Yellow bow and red with white flower Kimono though, it's the first costumes she wears in the manga and its not to difficult as well as it has the hair down which was a requirement for me. I don't have enough time to mess with wigs for this con, I have plans for the bow, every cosplay I've seen of this costume so fare has not done the bow the wright justice so I hope to fix that.

I would also if I have time like to sneak in a Aya cosplay for Sakura con ( parasite eve) all I need is the wig and to buy the other parts of the costume from value village so it shouldnt be to hard :D

thats it for to day focs

Pink Bunnie- of to dream land

Friday, December 25, 2009

Day 10 - Merry Christmas

It's Christmas day and it has been one of my best Christmas's in a LONG time, very small just me my mom and Leonardo Da Vinci my cat that lives with my mom. Mom has originaly said no presents but when I heard no turkey and no tree as well she put a little Christmas together for me.

She has one of those Christmas trees that light up and do the multi-colour thing, its pretty cute, she also put up lights every where. We're also making a turkey, I love turkey mmm and there were a few presents under the tree for me :) from my mommy. She's the bestest ever, Cake also gave me a present to open on Christmas cause I thought there was going to be no presents :) My mom gave me things I could use which I like I don't like more clutery stuff I can't use. She gave me a hair dryer, really good shampoo, a toobrush, and some chocolates :D yay Cake gave me Tekken6 which I can't play right now T.T, I got my mom a pretty pink candle holder and put together a photo album.

As for cosplay I have'nt been able to work on any of that my moms comp is well Dell and probably like 4-6 years old >.> I need to do research and well I'm lucky to be using my blog. I have been brain storming for the fashion show I want to do in 2011 I'm doing some drawings right now but my wrists don't seem to be able to draw for a long amount of time.

But thats about it for now I think it's boxing day tomorrow, I'll be heading home because I work sunday booooo. I'll print out the rest of the refrence pictures work on presents and decided on my Yuko costume :).

Pink Bunnie - Merry Christmas

Day 9 - Christmas Eve

It's Christmas day now but I wasn't able to make a post last night because I worked all morning then I made the long ( not to long) journey to my moms for Christmas. So I'm writing day 9 and 10 seperatly but technicly both on day 10.

I was a good Christmas eve minus the missing a buss because I almost got hit by a van running a red light, seriously close to getting hit on Christmas eve totally not cool. I then got on the 7 ferry which didn't get in till 7 so I didn't reach Nanaimo till after 9pm.

It was so nice to see my mom I just unloaded a hole bunch of stuff that I hadn't been able to talk about, it felt good cause she's my mommy and well I've been through a lout with just me and my mommy were tight *crosses fingers*, any who yeah so nice to see my mom.

I got to put my favorite Christmas decoration on the tree my mom put up just for me, we then watched some tv, I searched for my favorite Christmas cartoon but there was barley anything on christmasy. My favourite cartoon is Christopher the Christmas Tree, it has a really cute owl name hootie :) I miss watching it :( I'm going to look for it on e-bay some time.

Any way's none of this has anything to do with cosplay I know but its Christmas and it's a little hard to work on things >.>. I have been brain storming though just haven't been able to do any fisical work, I hope once I finish everyones presents ( we have Christmas with friends on new years) that I cant start working on patterns and sewing.

Pink Bunnie - enjoying dreams of snow

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Day 8- Northern Lights Cospaly

To day was full of bustling around getting ready to head to my moms for Christmas, its just me and my mommy for Christmas this year :). No prezzy's but I did talk her into a tree and turkey, its just not Christmas if you don't eat turkey :P.

So I made lots of cookies and banana bread to day to give as presents at work, cause well I'm broke and they don't pay me enough to get them actual presents. I also cleaned a bit, packed for my trip to the island and finished my mommys present ^_^ I made her a photo album YAY!!! well not so much made it as put pictures in one I purchased :D.

I also made a christmas hat for a coworker cause he loved mine so much, and a small dolfie hat for my old manager at the comic book store. I hope to stop there well I'm on the island, pic up some prezzys for people if I get paid on Friday.

The group also went to get our picture taken with Santa FINALLY only took till the day before Christmas eve. We also figured out our cosplay name !!!! If you
haven't guessed already its Northern Lights Cosplay, Paradox thought it up well walking around at work today. Its everything we wanted, Canadian, pretty, simple, easy to say no ones going to get ink mess up for inc (morons). We also thought about re-naming our selfs such as cake would be Aurora and I would be Dawn, inside joke.

Pink Bunnie is
Awesomers ( new word made up to night)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Day 7 - Organization

Something you should know about me is I hate things that are messy, I like clean and organized work space, unfortunately with the given space I have its nearly impossible. I have to share what space I have for working with people, who on many occasion don't consider going around. I like my space and I like it private :( any whooo

SO I had my work space down stairs in this tiny unfinished work room meant for more manly things like hammering stuff "thats not leather" and making stuff out of wood. I tried it for a while but cats decided to well use it as a litter box and I was very unappreciative.

I spent my time after work cleaning and organizing my things bringing my pattern making tools, and some other supplies upstairs to the space I like to call no stomping zone... I know my friends will probably read this but they know its true. My things are not safe from cats or people so I just try my best not to cry to much. Makes your eyes all puffy and stuff,

You might wounder why this is considered working towards the production of my costumes for next year. We'll I cant be productive down stairs so I brought my self
upstairs hoping to be more productive !!!! yay

Ummmmm.. I think thats all for now I started checking out wigs and I'm having a hard time finding photos of Auskas second player costume, and am debating if I can do Lili's second player, since i have a tattoo on my back and I like to be accurate >.>

Pink Bunnie tip toeing off again

Monday, December 21, 2009

Day 6 - Costumes and characters finalized

So yesterday was a black out cause it just was!!!!

we have finalized all characters YAY!!! just one costume to pick out for Yuuko cause I'm so enable to decided. I will be Lili and Cake will be Asuka from Tekken yay rivals, we cosplay rivals well, we have been rivals at least 5 our more times. Its fun to partner that way ^_^ gives your characters a dynamic. I can't wait to see her as
Kunogi Himawari she'll be sooo cute!

Once we've decided for sure on characters I print out pictures of all the characters and start making notes on how I'm going to make the costumes. Where I'll find the fabric, what kind of fabric, if I will use something and alter it etc. its going to be sooo much fun in 2010 ^-^

I started looking at wigs on e-bay and cosworxs as well I like to try an
d get the wigs in advance !!!

hmmm.. not a lot done today but it is the Christmas season :)

- Pink Bunnie to space and beyond

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Day 5 - Pain

Pain + stupid work schedule = unproductive

so here is some cuteness to tide you over

Pink Bunnie -needs pills and sleep

Day 4 - Finalizing Costumes T.T

Today was well a day, I felt like poo for most of it and after a nice annoying chat with my landlord who thought it would be nice to treat me like an idiot I felt all so chipper. -_-' ( sarcasm for the sarcasm impaired)

Besides that, we did finalizing costumes down to Tekken 6, xxxHolic, and Shamanic Princess and me and Cake will be doing some very random sailor scouts. Time permitting the boys will join use in it, but theres a lot of costumes to be made, wigs to be ordered, shoes to find, fabric, and so much more.

I can't decide on a Yuko costume yet and I will probably end up with lili from tekken cause she has green eyes, but I have to get ride of my love handles if I do her secondary costume.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Day 3 - cosplay group meeting

Ok so we had a meeting and we have finalized costumes worked on cosplay name some what. We are all giving our favorite names to a pool and from that we will either combined a name our go with one of the given.

We were trying to work out what costumes we were going to be making for sakura con and funny thing happened, we moved the one set of costumes we were for sure doing to the end of the year for a surprise kick some assness!!!! it will be good.

We have for "sure" quotations because nothing is for sure xxxHolic, Tekken 6, Code Geass, Magnacarta 2 or 1, and Sailor moon for me and Cake!!! the guys are mostly figured out for Tekken and Holic, I know who I wanted to be from magnacarta 2 but I may do something from the art book I have. I just have to decided on my Tekken character and code geass is a maybe for this con I think just cause well as I said before 15 costumes is a lot and now its 20 T.T oh yeah we might do simple Shamanic Princess instead of Code Geass.

I'm to be Yuko but I have to decided which Yuko costumes T.T gahhhhhh !!!!!

Were playing magnacrata 2 tomorrow and we will finalize that shortly

- Pink Bunnie

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Day 2 - christmas sewing

So tonight we set up a time to discus costumes with the group so we can finalize what were doing for Sakura Con. We will also discus our group name !!!!! we've been throwing ideas around we want something Canadian for sure.

I almost finished one of the Christmas presents I'm making YAY!! were having our friends Christmas on new years cause Christmas is for family which is just me and my mom this year. I have 3 other things I'm sewing for presents and one little thing for an old co-worker. I can't say much about what I'm making since people I'm sewing for might see this, but I am sewing a little hat for a dollfie for my manager at the comic book store.

Yes i us to work at a comic book store and yes I am one of the biggest geeks in all the land, and PROUD OF IT !!!!!

thats all for now
Pink Bunnie

one last thing SQUIRREL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Day 1

I am a Cosplayer if you couldn’t tell by the title of my blog. I started this block to motivate my self to cosplay more, as well as work on individual projects more.
I have recently graduated from The Art Institute for Fashion Design and am still waiting for my Diploma to arrive in the mail. I have been cosplaying since 2004, starting on my own and then later joined with others. I currently cosplay with my best friend and roommate, her boyfriend and two of our other friends. I make all the costumes, with help from them. They hand sew, cut out fabric, paint, make sure I’m feed, remove spiders from the room, and have energy drinks in hand when needed. This year is my first year with such a big group of cosplayers that I have to make all the costumes for. That scares me because I us to only be responsible for making costumes for my best friend, lets call her Cake and my self. It was easy three costumes per con per person and I could pull that together amazingly in two weeks cause well with school and work I would procrastinate and be busy. Unfortunately since there is now Cake, Paradox, Plate Destroyer, Fluffy, and me Pink Bunnie I have a LOT more work for me to do. I try to make all my own patterns which takes time because I need to test them out before going to actual fabric. So I figure one complicated costume per con and two more simple costumes per con. This is only fare for me right? Cause it’s a lot of work that’s 15 costumes per con if all of us attend. I want to give detailed descriptions of the work I’m doing for the costumes as record as well as a helpful guide for others and to motivate my self to work on them EVERY single day, even a little bit. That’s all for now thank you for listening Pink Bunnie