Sunday, January 31, 2010

59 - Days till Sakura Con

Because of my hectic schedule I lost track of what Day I'm on and it's almost impossible for me to post EVERY day thats almost ridiculousness cause I would have to have no life to post every day.

Now getting on to It I have 59 days to go ( suicided comes to mind when I think of everything I'm doing >.> )

Shamanic Princess

I have finish sewing my dress for Lena, the coat just needs the straps and bow with flower, I need the wig and head band and contacts

Tiara still needs fabric

Leon needs fabric

Graham needs fabric

Kagatsu needs fabric

xxx Holic

Yuko, lining needs to be cut out, flowers need to be painted sew body and lining together and make necklace. Flowers have started to be painted and bodice has been died wig has arrived just need contacts.

The other characters are mostly cut out minus Makona he needs fabric and clown shoes

Tekken, the boys are purchasing most of their stuff and I've already started sewing lili Asuka needs her pattern just need to know what the back of it looks like >.>

sailor moon papillions coming along nicely but I haven't really started on cosmos :(

I'm getting the money for the dress commission on Tuesday get fabric and make pattern then start sewing I just need to make the tail for the plush and cut that out and do a test of it see how it turns out. Thinking of making the horns from sculpy and then gluing them on ???

Other then this is ridiculous and I should be shot I have some nice things going on in my life, but also have to start grave yards soon more money but crazyier reva >.>

Pink bunnie is hungry - no one fed me :(

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