Saturday, January 9, 2010

Day 23 and 24

So I'm late posting for the past two days T.T very sorry, but good news is I have 3 patterns done now only god knows how many to go >.> 17 costumes probably 17 stitches to close the stab wound I might inflict with a seam ripper. I've already stabbed my self once by accident right in the web between my thumb and pointing finger :'( it hurt real bad I can tell you that much.

I know this is the morning of day 25 but I want to get caught up now before I start working on more patterns.

So Day 23

I made the pattern for my Lena from Shamanic Princess Dress, I'm hoping to make it from a knit or Lycra fabric. I've also thought of using a cotton base to give it more structure and better lines. The stretch fabric would fit snug to the body and might lay better around the collar but I think a cotton blend with no stretch would be more appealing around my mid drift so I can wear my waist cinching thing.

I also want to use a pre-maid pattern for Yuko's kimono because there's not much point making one if I don't have to. Its a lot of extra work for me, I'm hoping to sew up her kimono this month because of all the flower details that need to be painted on, I don't think I will find a fabric that will have the write print. I want as much time as possible to get it done.

Day 24

I work full time and am working on these costumes so I don't find enough energy everyday to work on them. So I try and think of ways to make it easier for me, what I need to do making lists and such.

Also this day was a emotionally draining day for me, I ended up cuddled under blankets eating KFC chicken and watching a movie with some friends. I'm dealing with some emotional stuff and I find it draining and I don't work well when I'm upset :( not to mention some one at work who seems to call in when ever their needed >.> like oh say on an add change over day. but yeah KFC was bad cause I'm trying to get in shape but when I'm upset junk food is what I crave like most girls T.T.

I also find it annoying when I say I want to do something and some one decides to take it away from me. They seem to do it over and over again, maybe I should stop trusting people with my ideas so I can keep them for my self.

Any who so I'm going to try and get a bunch done today on day 25 woot woot full of junk food and raring to go.

I've also been trying to get my tablet up and running but it seems to not like my mac so I hope to get some info from the wacom people I e-mailed to day so I can make it work and make pretty art work.

Pink Bunnie - cold KFC chicken tastes good :)

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