Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Day 35 - 72 days till sakura con

I had fun whipping this up on my tablet >.>

I didn't get as much as I wanted to get done last night, but I did start sewing. I'm planing on taking progress shots so I can give detail outlines of how I made the costumes. And maybe some tutorials when I'm done ^_^

Aspen's back from the pet hospital and omg I will never get a cat fixed again, I will only get spca cat's from now. I don't have nearly $200 in my back pocket thats ridiculousness it costing that much is not a preventative to having more kittens its more likely to cause more kittens.

to day I will sew more kimono, and probably cut a few things out, I also have to go to my old school and sign some things so I can be like bitches I want a year to my self to cosplay >.> ...... then I'll get some more tracing paper since I'm out again T.T I'm going to have to charge the boys for paper consumption. It's not cheap paper T.T

I will also be geting a new tv tomorrow hopefully so I can actually read the text on the tv >.> OMG whats that. My 20 inch baby has treated me good but its on its last picuter and I've never been able to read subtitles on it very well so here's hoping.

umm I think thats it for now ^_^

pink bunnie- out

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