Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Day 29 - 77 days till Sakura con 2010

For some unknown reason I decided I wasn't under enough pressure with 17 costumes and 3 plush commissions to do. So I decided to see how many days I had till the convention 77 days everyone ugh .... can we say scary ????

Well the good news is I have every ones except plate destroyers patterns done for xxholic and shamanic princess. Well I do need to make the bow pattern for Yuko's obi but that should be fairly easy, and thankfully Graham's costume part is pretty easy minus the mask and claws >.> its just Mokona I that scars me a lot cause I've never done a mascot costume before, I'm planing on getting clown shoes for the feet and covering them in fabric( inserting foam around ankles for comfort). I'm also going to get muslin and trace the pattern on it well PD is laying on it, I'm going to use hoops to give it shape.

I finished the girls school uniform jacket pattern today YIPE!!!!! just need fabric, buttons and some bias tape and those can be finished in a matter of days.

I hope to get Yuko's fabric and pattern this week so I can sew up the kimono this month hopefully by the end of next week. But I have really shity ass shifts for getting work done so cross your fingers for me.

I also need everyone else's costume reference pics for Tekken, I don't want to start on those patterns till these set's are done. I will do the same once I start making the costumes, I'll make them in groups so that if one set docent get done we at least all match. I like to use my brain some times.

Aurora ordered my Yuko wig to day cause she loves me ^_^


You should check her out some time. Ok soo I think I'm off to a good start but I would feel better if I was sewing, I'll feel better once I'm sewing ^_^, and wigs are ordered and fabric has been purchased ..... and that I'm just more ahead then I am now >.>

Pink Bunnie - thinking of moving me bed .....

and I did feel better when I play with feng shui a bit have to move a few things tomorrow though

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