Monday, January 11, 2010

Day 27 - I <3 Fabric

I just love fabric all the colours and textures and then theres silk and velvet leather cotton I love every shape and bolt of it T.T

Soooo I went fabric shopping today I don't know if you can tell, but I really like what I do. REALLY like it :)

I was able to get the fabric for Lilis jacket and skirt as well as most her lace just need her larger lace and checkered black and red fabric as well as some red ribbing for socks for shoes.

I got some fabric for Guardian Cosmos I'm planing on doing a sheer see through fabric for her bubble skirt there will be a hope skirt underneath. Need to order hooping, I also got some beads pearl shape need to go to bead store to get some other colours. I got a gold lycra I will probably use as a bathing suite shape for the upper part of the dress I'm going to probably corset it and such. The thing about Guardian Cosmos is there is no colour scheme for her so I'm using reference of what people thing and what I believe it should be I feel it should be mostly white like cosmos with the beads being the multi colour and her upper part being gold. This is just what I've come up with though.

I was able to get fabric for Lena's dress for Shamanic princess, just need h
er coat fabric now. I also got her red flower for the coat ^_^.

along with all this I got Aurora's skirt fabric for Sailor Heavy Metal Papillion, just the pink not the blue and black. Its a beautiful pink silk a kind I cant remember the name to right now cause I'm sleepy. but it will drape beautifully.

I also managed to finish the pattern for Kigatsu's Jacket , I'm on fire that's 5 patterns done ^_^ I'm so proud of me :D. There's still a lot to do though so I will not be slacking of any time soon.

Pink Bunnie - DnD is my Dessert

It's cute and will only sleep on me when I'm on my side >.<

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