Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Day 21- The New Year

Sorry It's been so long since my last entry, it was a busy week :) New years was wonderful every one loved their presents, and I got a lot of wonderful presents.

With the new year comes resolutions to do things and such, I had already started on my path I want to be in better physical shape and I want to keep motivated with my costuming and designing.

We've done a bunch of research we've found most of the wigs for the female cosplay's, still working on getting reference pics for some costumes cause they are hard to find Shamanic Princess is an oldy and not know very well.

I guess I should tell you what we decided on cosplaying >.>

Shamanic Princess we have a Tiara, Lena, Greham, Kagustu, and Leon ( hope I spelled them almost right.

Tekken 6 : Lili, Auska, Leo, and I can't remember the other two names,

XXXholic : Main cast


Sailor Moon : Sailor Guardian Cosmos and Sailor Heavy Metal Papilion

I started working on patterns today, I've done up Tiara's skirt/shirt thing and Papilions skirt. For Tiara I have the basic outfit and I will draw in the heart shape on the muslin and then cut it out using the muslin as a base for the final pattern. For Papilion I made the skirt pattern hoping it will work always test them with cheap fabric first !!! like they do in fashion. For her top were going to use a good push up bra as a base and cover it with fabric.

I'll try to start on some more patterns in the next couple days and order some more wigs, I have to take Fluffy to Value Village to get some used coats for leather for his Leo costume at least I think he decided on that :S guh I need to speak to the boys

Oh yeah for Christmas I made two vest's one for Fluffly with blue lining, which has his name embroidered in it and one for Paradox it has a lapel collar and purple lining with his cosplay name in it. They both have steampunk buttons down the front, Fluffy has gears and Paradox has the insides of watches. I also made Plate destroyers girl friend and our friend a house coat with a canucks patch on it ( shes a fan)

Well I've been out of posting for a while sorry again I will try and get back to doing it everyday I want to work on designing my new collection tomorrow so I will start researching, not sure if I want to go with main stream couture fashion our another steampunk line.

Pink Bunnie - steaming off again

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