Sunday, March 28, 2010

3 days

So I have been working my self to the bone to get costumes finished for the con and it's paying off. Guardian Cosmos is the only trouble maker purely because of lack of reference images ( no colour ones) and I ran out of hooping so her bubble dose not bubble right T.T. I also will be beading till the last minute. Papillions wings are just fun, and then theres some snaps and buttons here and there.

We added 4 extra costumes ( super simple ones) like Paradox is doing Starfighters suet cause I was an idiot and was like why dose not he be Tuxedo Mask or Starfighter on Saturday as a joke... but he wined about not having anything to wear with us sat so I suggested it and ended up having to make a pair of pants for him to match to the coat he found. We also did up some Fate/Stay night costumes with the help of value Village ^_^ and some more sewing.

Our sweaters are getting done up tomorrow at Bang on with our logos!!! We will be adding our ranks for AE to the Coats ( Fallowing our StarTrek intro) [link] for those who haven't read it !!!

I will be showing my dress in a fashion show tomorrow !!!! GLEEEEEEEE I was hand picked for my purple Octopus Dress to represent Alexandre McQueen in a Fashion/Hair show for a fund raiser for the make a wish foundation. The women who chose me is doing a Alice in Wounderland meets Alexander McQueen theme ^_^ and since I can't let my dress out of my sight(its worth at least $10,000) I get to help out at the show and watch gahhh then I get to have the lovely lada <3

Cosplays For Sakura Con 2010

Shamanic Princess

Tsuzukikun : Tiara 100% Done
PinkBunnie: Lena 100% done
Fluffly: Leon 95% done
Paradox: Kagetsu 100% done


Tsuzukikun : Himawari Kunogi 100% done need cutting
PinkBunnie: yuko Ichihara 100% done
Costume Line up/Schedule for Sakura Con

Drive down to con
Wear Yuuko in after and pre-reg
Dinner and Movie

Wear Lili
Panels and fun

Wear Guardian Cosmos ( if I don't die beading her) moring
afternoon photoshoot
Wear Rin (Fate/Stay Night) in the Evening

Wear Lena Shamanic Princess
PD: Black Makona 100% done
Fluffly: Kimihiro Watanuki 100% done need cutting
Paradox: Shizuka Donmeki 100% done need cutting

Tekken 6

Tsuzukikun : Asuka 95% done
PinkBunnie: Lili 100% done
PD: Miguel Caballero Rojo
Paradox: Jin

Sailor Moon

Tsuzukikun : Sailor Heavy Metal Papillion 95% done
PinkBunnie: Guardian Cosmos 85% done
Paradox: Starfighter(red suet): 100% done

Fate stay Night:

Rin: 95% done
Sakura: 100% done

whats worth living for

Monday, March 15, 2010

16 days till con !!!!!!

Copied from My DA Journale I know I just haven't had the time lately so busy :( and depressed but here you are !!! there are some add ins

So we are near convention time again and cosplay stuff is organized and getting done I am proud to say !!!! I'm so excited for Sakura Con you can't even imagine :D

I've had a terrible week like just horrible so it was so nice to accomplish so much in one day even if they were all so close to being done that you could have hit me for not having them done already. I've been stressed and work is throwing me all over the schedule so my internal clock is like WTF. Mostly mornings with one closing and one late to train the new guy but still its like I would like to have some turn around time more then 7 hours till my next sift some times T.T I need wined down time and sleep time and get ready for work again time.

On another good note because I'm flexible and been helping a lot at work because people are leaving and coming and they said my work is so good... I put veggies out receive orders and wear-house stock ... not that hard at least you would think. But onto the point, I was given a ticket to the Canucks game last night EEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! soooooo awesome they players are so much bigger in real life >.<>.<>.<
Paradox: Main guy
(to tired to remember or look up names)

1 large and 2small Timcanpy Plushes for Emerarudo-chan 100 % done
The Grave of Maria skirt 100% for =Emerarudo-chan

April Commissions and Costumes for Free Comic Book day at Elfsar Comics
Laser Pegasus: Gambit pants
Me : Scarlet Witch

whats worth living for

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

42 days till sakura con T.T

There is only 42 days left till sakura con and I've been working graveyards, I thought this would be easier to get my costumes done and avoid Olympic madness but I was wrong >.> I sleep eat and work. Eating dosent always happen T.T

I hibernate like a bear I swear I could sleep all day if the dam sun would stop shining in my gosh darn window.

other then that I'm tired and would really like to sew

Pink Bunnie - Sad

Sunday, January 31, 2010

59 - Days till Sakura Con

Because of my hectic schedule I lost track of what Day I'm on and it's almost impossible for me to post EVERY day thats almost ridiculousness cause I would have to have no life to post every day.

Now getting on to It I have 59 days to go ( suicided comes to mind when I think of everything I'm doing >.> )

Shamanic Princess

I have finish sewing my dress for Lena, the coat just needs the straps and bow with flower, I need the wig and head band and contacts

Tiara still needs fabric

Leon needs fabric

Graham needs fabric

Kagatsu needs fabric

xxx Holic

Yuko, lining needs to be cut out, flowers need to be painted sew body and lining together and make necklace. Flowers have started to be painted and bodice has been died wig has arrived just need contacts.

The other characters are mostly cut out minus Makona he needs fabric and clown shoes

Tekken, the boys are purchasing most of their stuff and I've already started sewing lili Asuka needs her pattern just need to know what the back of it looks like >.>

sailor moon papillions coming along nicely but I haven't really started on cosmos :(

I'm getting the money for the dress commission on Tuesday get fabric and make pattern then start sewing I just need to make the tail for the plush and cut that out and do a test of it see how it turns out. Thinking of making the horns from sculpy and then gluing them on ???

Other then this is ridiculous and I should be shot I have some nice things going on in my life, but also have to start grave yards soon more money but crazyier reva >.>

Pink bunnie is hungry - no one fed me :(

Friday, January 22, 2010

Day 37 and 38 - 69 days till sakura con

Day 27 :
I got most of Lena done yay !!!! and then I sewed up the muslin for Papillions skirt and Tiara's dress woot I'm on a hot streak :D I'm feeling pretty confidentish not fully but I feel like I'm accomplishing more when I'm sewing, our actually putting the costume together. ummm I can't think of what else I did >.> other then put my desk together and put my diploma in a frame I have an office in my room now. At least I call it my office ^_^

Day 28:
I acquired some fabric paint to day for painting the flowers on the the kimono, and started painting one of the sleeve's it's been a while since I was able to paint anything. I miss the strokes of the paint brush on a surface and paint and paint brushes in hair and paint on hands I just really like painting. alas I won't have time to paint the entire kimono so that's where Aurora comes in she is our resident main artist when it comes to drawing were all artists of different calibers and mediums.

I'm pretty tired right now cant focus on this to well but I did'nt want to get to behind on posting so thats what I could think of for today.

Pink Bunnie - hitting the zzzz train

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Day 36 -71 days till sakura con

adding what I've done to this list doesn't feel like I've done a hole lot T.T and with only 71 days left I'm super scared. I have DnD tomorrow after noon but I'm going to try and power through as much as I can in the morning. I don't feel so good after eating kfc chicken :( apparently my body's making the change in my eating habits already I do drink a lot of water now and only ocashionaly have pop and even then its not as appetizing to me. YAY !!!!

Cosplays For Sakura Con 2010
Shamanic Princess :icontsuzukikun: Tsuzukikun : Tiara 15% done Dress pattern done Need -Shoe's for shoe pattern -Fabric, Zipper -Wig -Contacts -Cut and sew - Pink bows for hair
:iconpink-bunnie: PinkBunnie: Lena 30% done Have Fabric for coat and dress, two packs of skullpy for flute
Coat and dress are cut out
Need -Contacts -Wig -Shoes -Head Band -3d circle things covered in fabric - sew -make flute :icondekhal: PD: Graham

Need -Pattern for tunic -Fabric -plaster to make mask -to make mask and arm claws -Shoes for feet claws
-Cut and sew -Create strips for bandage wrapping Fluffly: Leon 15% done
Pattern Done
Need: -Fabric and bias tape for jacket -White Pants -Shoes -Wig -Cut and sew
:iconhuxxxley: Paradox: Kagetsu 15% done
Pattern Done
Need: -fabric -shoes -wig -Cut and sew


:icontsuzukikun: Tsuzukikun : Himawari Kunogi 25% done
School Uniform pattern Done Need: -fabric -shoes -Wig -Cut and Sew -buttons
:iconpink-bunnie: PinkBunnie: yuko Ichihara
started sewing, made cut of flower need fabric paint
Have kimono pattern, and pattern cut out, red fabric cut out Need -bow pattern -paint flower design -necklace pattern -purple bodice
:icondekhal: PD: Black Makona Need -Pattern -hooping on order -fabric -cut and sew -clown shoes for to make feet -large 3D half circle for jewel -some way to see out of makona
Fluffly: Kimihiro Watanuki 20% done School Uniform pattern Done Need -fabric -cut and sew -buttons -dress pants -shoes? -wig?
:iconhuxxxley: Paradox: Shizuka Donmeki 20% done School Uniform pattern Done -fabric -cut and sew -buttons -dress pants -shoes? -wig?
Tekken 6
:icontsuzukikun: Tsuzukikun : Asuka 15% done
Have most fabric Need: -pattern -gloves -shoes -cut sew - :iconpink-bunnie: PinkBunnie: Lili 25% done Jacket pattern done, have fabric minus checkered print, have lace and ribbion, skirt pattern finished Need: -checkered print fabric, and red ribbing fabric -shoes -gloves -wig -cut and sew :icondekhal: PD: Miguel Caballero Rojo Need -pants -shoes -shirt -pattern and fabric for (fake) fur coat >.> maybe value village will have a coat -cut and sew
Fluffly: Lars Need -pants -shirt -lots of fabirc paint -gloves -shoes -to outline and paint design -hair glue :P
:iconhuxxxley: Paradox: Jin Need -Pants -shirt -shoes -hair glue -to find a leather coat at value village and replace the lining with red lining Sailor Moon

:icontsuzukikun: Tsuzukikun : Sailor Heavy Metal Papillion 25% done
Have fabric for everything but wigs, pattern for skirt done started working on muslin for skirt Need -fabric and wire for wings -wig -beads for head piece -bra to cover with fabric -shoes to cover (need the fabric for that >.>) or smexky boots -paint bra and skirt -paint wings -cut and sew
:iconpink-bunnie: PinkBunnie: Guardian Cosmos 10% done have most fabric Need -Tones of beads -Wig -Contacts? -Shoes and to attach cute things to toe of shoes -hooping on order -Pattern will be made once I have hooping -Cut and sew -Bead head piece and bead skirt -Baithing suite body suet for under skirt

Commissions: :iconemerarudo-chan: 1 large and 2small Timcanpy Plushes for Emerarudo-chan 10 % done
Have pattern for Timcanpy's body just need to alter it for wings tail and leggs -searching for fabric -cut sew paint on cross The Grave of Maria need Payment measurements fabric pattern cut sew

Day 35 - 72 days till sakura con

I had fun whipping this up on my tablet >.>

I didn't get as much as I wanted to get done last night, but I did start sewing. I'm planing on taking progress shots so I can give detail outlines of how I made the costumes. And maybe some tutorials when I'm done ^_^

Aspen's back from the pet hospital and omg I will never get a cat fixed again, I will only get spca cat's from now. I don't have nearly $200 in my back pocket thats ridiculousness it costing that much is not a preventative to having more kittens its more likely to cause more kittens.

to day I will sew more kimono, and probably cut a few things out, I also have to go to my old school and sign some things so I can be like bitches I want a year to my self to cosplay >.> ...... then I'll get some more tracing paper since I'm out again T.T I'm going to have to charge the boys for paper consumption. It's not cheap paper T.T

I will also be geting a new tv tomorrow hopefully so I can actually read the text on the tv >.> OMG whats that. My 20 inch baby has treated me good but its on its last picuter and I've never been able to read subtitles on it very well so here's hoping.

umm I think thats it for now ^_^

pink bunnie- out