Sunday, January 10, 2010

Day 25 and 26

I'm having a hard time writing every day with all thats going on right now ... so Tired I should be asleep but instead I've been writing down what I need for fabric for each costume which is sad cause I really need sleep.

So I'm going to sum up what I've done in the past two days quickly

I finished the pattern for Lena's coat for Shamanic Princess yay it was not easy trust me T.T I want the drapes to be perfect.

Then I'm having a hard time choosing colours for Guardian Cosmos cause theres not actual colours for her outfit. I'm using sailor cosmos as reference and some original art work of guardian cosmos.

I'm luck I have still to cash in on a grade present of fabric so I'm hoping to get most my supplies with that *crosses fingers*

You better have what I need dresssew our else!!!

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