Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Day 22 - Con is near

Booked the Hotel today YAY we have a room at .... I'm not telling :P

I decided on my theme for my next collection ^_^ it will sound strange but there's reasons to my insanity, unfortunately only I know them. I chose to be inspired by something that is always been a stress reliever and a place i can escape to. I want to use Dungeons and Dragons as my inspiration along with the colours of produce and for highlights I might use Dice.

Theres a couple books at chapters I want to get my hands on for reference material, some gorgeous design books evening dresses and such. I will also be drawing a lot of inspiration from friends.

Thats all for today though so have a good night ^_^ you can check me out on Deviant Art as well

Pink Bunnie - down for the count

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