Friday, December 25, 2009

Day 9 - Christmas Eve

It's Christmas day now but I wasn't able to make a post last night because I worked all morning then I made the long ( not to long) journey to my moms for Christmas. So I'm writing day 9 and 10 seperatly but technicly both on day 10.

I was a good Christmas eve minus the missing a buss because I almost got hit by a van running a red light, seriously close to getting hit on Christmas eve totally not cool. I then got on the 7 ferry which didn't get in till 7 so I didn't reach Nanaimo till after 9pm.

It was so nice to see my mom I just unloaded a hole bunch of stuff that I hadn't been able to talk about, it felt good cause she's my mommy and well I've been through a lout with just me and my mommy were tight *crosses fingers*, any who yeah so nice to see my mom.

I got to put my favorite Christmas decoration on the tree my mom put up just for me, we then watched some tv, I searched for my favorite Christmas cartoon but there was barley anything on christmasy. My favourite cartoon is Christopher the Christmas Tree, it has a really cute owl name hootie :) I miss watching it :( I'm going to look for it on e-bay some time.

Any way's none of this has anything to do with cosplay I know but its Christmas and it's a little hard to work on things >.>. I have been brain storming though just haven't been able to do any fisical work, I hope once I finish everyones presents ( we have Christmas with friends on new years) that I cant start working on patterns and sewing.

Pink Bunnie - enjoying dreams of snow

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