Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Day 8- Northern Lights Cospaly

To day was full of bustling around getting ready to head to my moms for Christmas, its just me and my mommy for Christmas this year :). No prezzy's but I did talk her into a tree and turkey, its just not Christmas if you don't eat turkey :P.

So I made lots of cookies and banana bread to day to give as presents at work, cause well I'm broke and they don't pay me enough to get them actual presents. I also cleaned a bit, packed for my trip to the island and finished my mommys present ^_^ I made her a photo album YAY!!! well not so much made it as put pictures in one I purchased :D.

I also made a christmas hat for a coworker cause he loved mine so much, and a small dolfie hat for my old manager at the comic book store. I hope to stop there well I'm on the island, pic up some prezzys for people if I get paid on Friday.

The group also went to get our picture taken with Santa FINALLY only took till the day before Christmas eve. We also figured out our cosplay name !!!! If you
haven't guessed already its Northern Lights Cosplay, Paradox thought it up well walking around at work today. Its everything we wanted, Canadian, pretty, simple, easy to say no ones going to get ink mess up for inc (morons). We also thought about re-naming our selfs such as cake would be Aurora and I would be Dawn, inside joke.

Pink Bunnie is
Awesomers ( new word made up to night)

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