Friday, December 25, 2009

Day 10 - Merry Christmas

It's Christmas day and it has been one of my best Christmas's in a LONG time, very small just me my mom and Leonardo Da Vinci my cat that lives with my mom. Mom has originaly said no presents but when I heard no turkey and no tree as well she put a little Christmas together for me.

She has one of those Christmas trees that light up and do the multi-colour thing, its pretty cute, she also put up lights every where. We're also making a turkey, I love turkey mmm and there were a few presents under the tree for me :) from my mommy. She's the bestest ever, Cake also gave me a present to open on Christmas cause I thought there was going to be no presents :) My mom gave me things I could use which I like I don't like more clutery stuff I can't use. She gave me a hair dryer, really good shampoo, a toobrush, and some chocolates :D yay Cake gave me Tekken6 which I can't play right now T.T, I got my mom a pretty pink candle holder and put together a photo album.

As for cosplay I have'nt been able to work on any of that my moms comp is well Dell and probably like 4-6 years old >.> I need to do research and well I'm lucky to be using my blog. I have been brain storming for the fashion show I want to do in 2011 I'm doing some drawings right now but my wrists don't seem to be able to draw for a long amount of time.

But thats about it for now I think it's boxing day tomorrow, I'll be heading home because I work sunday booooo. I'll print out the rest of the refrence pictures work on presents and decided on my Yuko costume :).

Pink Bunnie - Merry Christmas

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