Saturday, December 26, 2009

Day 11- Tekken Research

After my nice small Christmas with my Mommy I journeyed home to play my new Tekken 6 game which I like to call research :D

Technically speaking it is research, I don't like c
osplaying any character I don't like, and no one should be made to cosplay someone they don't like. It makes for an unhappy cosplayer and in less the character is moody pissy and moody with the other characters it just dosent work out >.>

So yes when I got home I popped in Tekken 6 and started playing story mode as Lili the character I will be cosplaying ( decision purely on appearance ) and after playing the game on my screen which I'm unable to read subtitles so I don't really know much about whats going on any who, I like the character for her fighting style, but I can't really relate to her since she is a daddys girl and is even more of a princess mentality.

Other then that her character design is nice, it was between her and Asuka for me and since they are rivals me and Cake ended up deciding it be best if I did Lili and she was Asuka ( she docent do blond well in her words). I don't mind being Lili I've been working on her poses in my mind they are a lot of good ones and her fighting style is cool. I just am not found of the alternate costumes and I don't want to cosplay her first player costume because EVERY ONE AND THEIR DOG has cosplayed that costume (puke)

Well watching the arena conclusion for Lili her and Asuka run into each other in more then a manner of speaking, in school uniforms. What I'm thinking is, is it wrong to go with one of her made up costumes ( you can change up costumes with items you pick up) ou
r do her school uniform? just so I can be different ? our will I get annoyed cause people wont recognize our understand ? this is my dilemma. I don't really have the time to be so unsure of the costumes :(

I think I am set on doing Yukos Yellow bow and red with white flower Kimono though, it's the first costumes she wears in the manga and its not to difficult as well as it has the hair down which was a requirement for me. I don't have enough time to mess with wigs for this con, I have plans for the bow, every cosplay I've seen of this costume so fare has not done the bow the wright justice so I hope to fix that.

I would also if I have time like to sneak in a Aya cosplay for Sakura con ( parasite eve) all I need is the wig and to buy the other parts of the costume from value village so it shouldnt be to hard :D

thats it for to day focs

Pink Bunnie- of to dream land

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