Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Day 7 - Organization

Something you should know about me is I hate things that are messy, I like clean and organized work space, unfortunately with the given space I have its nearly impossible. I have to share what space I have for working with people, who on many occasion don't consider going around. I like my space and I like it private :( any whooo

SO I had my work space down stairs in this tiny unfinished work room meant for more manly things like hammering stuff "thats not leather" and making stuff out of wood. I tried it for a while but cats decided to well use it as a litter box and I was very unappreciative.

I spent my time after work cleaning and organizing my things bringing my pattern making tools, and some other supplies upstairs to the space I like to call no stomping zone... I know my friends will probably read this but they know its true. My things are not safe from cats or people so I just try my best not to cry to much. Makes your eyes all puffy and stuff,

You might wounder why this is considered working towards the production of my costumes for next year. We'll I cant be productive down stairs so I brought my self
upstairs hoping to be more productive !!!! yay

Ummmmm.. I think thats all for now I started checking out wigs and I'm having a hard time finding photos of Auskas second player costume, and am debating if I can do Lili's second player, since i have a tattoo on my back and I like to be accurate >.>

Pink Bunnie tip toeing off again

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