Friday, December 18, 2009

Day 3 - cosplay group meeting

Ok so we had a meeting and we have finalized costumes worked on cosplay name some what. We are all giving our favorite names to a pool and from that we will either combined a name our go with one of the given.

We were trying to work out what costumes we were going to be making for sakura con and funny thing happened, we moved the one set of costumes we were for sure doing to the end of the year for a surprise kick some assness!!!! it will be good.

We have for "sure" quotations because nothing is for sure xxxHolic, Tekken 6, Code Geass, Magnacarta 2 or 1, and Sailor moon for me and Cake!!! the guys are mostly figured out for Tekken and Holic, I know who I wanted to be from magnacarta 2 but I may do something from the art book I have. I just have to decided on my Tekken character and code geass is a maybe for this con I think just cause well as I said before 15 costumes is a lot and now its 20 T.T oh yeah we might do simple Shamanic Princess instead of Code Geass.

I'm to be Yuko but I have to decided which Yuko costumes T.T gahhhhhh !!!!!

Were playing magnacrata 2 tomorrow and we will finalize that shortly

- Pink Bunnie

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