Sunday, December 27, 2009

Day 12 - Cosmode

Well I was on the island I got a copy of Cosmode issue 23, it has some entrusting tutorials on amour and a few other accessories tutorials. I'm just trying to decipher how to do them through the pictures, when I'm sewing from a pattern I don't use the written instructions in less its really difficult. I usually go by the pictures :) I learn from observation :D

We also played more tekken 6 trying to unlock more accessories to see if I can make a cool fun costume from that >.> I know I should probably stick with one of the pre-maids but it would be fun to just through something together.

Other then that its still Holiday season so there hasn't been any major progress with costumes because we celebrate our Christmas with our friends on new years eve exchange of gifts and what not. I still have to finish making some of them and pick up other ones >.> :D

Pink Bunnie - needs to get the next book in her series

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