Monday, December 21, 2009

Day 6 - Costumes and characters finalized

So yesterday was a black out cause it just was!!!!

we have finalized all characters YAY!!! just one costume to pick out for Yuuko cause I'm so enable to decided. I will be Lili and Cake will be Asuka from Tekken yay rivals, we cosplay rivals well, we have been rivals at least 5 our more times. Its fun to partner that way ^_^ gives your characters a dynamic. I can't wait to see her as
Kunogi Himawari she'll be sooo cute!

Once we've decided for sure on characters I print out pictures of all the characters and start making notes on how I'm going to make the costumes. Where I'll find the fabric, what kind of fabric, if I will use something and alter it etc. its going to be sooo much fun in 2010 ^-^

I started looking at wigs on e-bay and cosworxs as well I like to try an
d get the wigs in advance !!!

hmmm.. not a lot done today but it is the Christmas season :)

- Pink Bunnie to space and beyond

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