Monday, March 15, 2010

16 days till con !!!!!!

Copied from My DA Journale I know I just haven't had the time lately so busy :( and depressed but here you are !!! there are some add ins

So we are near convention time again and cosplay stuff is organized and getting done I am proud to say !!!! I'm so excited for Sakura Con you can't even imagine :D

I've had a terrible week like just horrible so it was so nice to accomplish so much in one day even if they were all so close to being done that you could have hit me for not having them done already. I've been stressed and work is throwing me all over the schedule so my internal clock is like WTF. Mostly mornings with one closing and one late to train the new guy but still its like I would like to have some turn around time more then 7 hours till my next sift some times T.T I need wined down time and sleep time and get ready for work again time.

On another good note because I'm flexible and been helping a lot at work because people are leaving and coming and they said my work is so good... I put veggies out receive orders and wear-house stock ... not that hard at least you would think. But onto the point, I was given a ticket to the Canucks game last night EEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! soooooo awesome they players are so much bigger in real life >.<>.<>.<
Paradox: Main guy
(to tired to remember or look up names)

1 large and 2small Timcanpy Plushes for Emerarudo-chan 100 % done
The Grave of Maria skirt 100% for =Emerarudo-chan

April Commissions and Costumes for Free Comic Book day at Elfsar Comics
Laser Pegasus: Gambit pants
Me : Scarlet Witch

whats worth living for

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