Sunday, March 28, 2010

3 days

So I have been working my self to the bone to get costumes finished for the con and it's paying off. Guardian Cosmos is the only trouble maker purely because of lack of reference images ( no colour ones) and I ran out of hooping so her bubble dose not bubble right T.T. I also will be beading till the last minute. Papillions wings are just fun, and then theres some snaps and buttons here and there.

We added 4 extra costumes ( super simple ones) like Paradox is doing Starfighters suet cause I was an idiot and was like why dose not he be Tuxedo Mask or Starfighter on Saturday as a joke... but he wined about not having anything to wear with us sat so I suggested it and ended up having to make a pair of pants for him to match to the coat he found. We also did up some Fate/Stay night costumes with the help of value Village ^_^ and some more sewing.

Our sweaters are getting done up tomorrow at Bang on with our logos!!! We will be adding our ranks for AE to the Coats ( Fallowing our StarTrek intro) [link] for those who haven't read it !!!

I will be showing my dress in a fashion show tomorrow !!!! GLEEEEEEEE I was hand picked for my purple Octopus Dress to represent Alexandre McQueen in a Fashion/Hair show for a fund raiser for the make a wish foundation. The women who chose me is doing a Alice in Wounderland meets Alexander McQueen theme ^_^ and since I can't let my dress out of my sight(its worth at least $10,000) I get to help out at the show and watch gahhh then I get to have the lovely lada <3

Cosplays For Sakura Con 2010

Shamanic Princess

Tsuzukikun : Tiara 100% Done
PinkBunnie: Lena 100% done
Fluffly: Leon 95% done
Paradox: Kagetsu 100% done


Tsuzukikun : Himawari Kunogi 100% done need cutting
PinkBunnie: yuko Ichihara 100% done
Costume Line up/Schedule for Sakura Con

Drive down to con
Wear Yuuko in after and pre-reg
Dinner and Movie

Wear Lili
Panels and fun

Wear Guardian Cosmos ( if I don't die beading her) moring
afternoon photoshoot
Wear Rin (Fate/Stay Night) in the Evening

Wear Lena Shamanic Princess
PD: Black Makona 100% done
Fluffly: Kimihiro Watanuki 100% done need cutting
Paradox: Shizuka Donmeki 100% done need cutting

Tekken 6

Tsuzukikun : Asuka 95% done
PinkBunnie: Lili 100% done
PD: Miguel Caballero Rojo
Paradox: Jin

Sailor Moon

Tsuzukikun : Sailor Heavy Metal Papillion 95% done
PinkBunnie: Guardian Cosmos 85% done
Paradox: Starfighter(red suet): 100% done

Fate stay Night:

Rin: 95% done
Sakura: 100% done

whats worth living for

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